You may be over 50 but you are no less impressive. You are energetic in your mind and your soul…and more fascinating than ever.

However… just tweaked your back shoveling snow or putting your grandson in the car seat….and you want a body that keeps up with your desire to get up and go.

Get the know-how for staying limber and graceful through smart yoga and safe, appropriate fitness.

yoga for people over 50

•  back pain
•  stress reduction
•  better sleep
•  osteoporosis
•  arthritis
•  increasing energy levels
•  menopause (yes! studies show it helps with hot flushes and night sweats)
•  move better and feel better today and for years to come

Enjoy midlife without the crisis. Gliding joints, high energy, a tranquil mind.

gentle yoga, online yoga for people over 50, jennifer houghton, yoga for older beginners, yoga for seniorsHIGHLY EFFECTIVE GENTLE YOGA

I’m Jennifer Houghton, and I will take you from achy and sore to mobile and rubbery.

I’ll help you unstick those stuck joints and break free from pain.


You can learn to protect your worn out knees, save your screaming shoulders, release the hot pain in your hips, and reduce that nagging ache in your lower back.

I’ll be your trusted guide to potent techniques based on my work with hundreds of clients in over 2 decades teaching fitness and yoga.

•  I talk in plain language.
•  Can’t sit cross-legged?  That’s okay.  I’ll help you take stellar care of those hips and knees.
•  You do not require the gymnastics skills of a 14-year-old.

I’m an aches and pains ninja who knows how to save your joints and help you glide through midlife with the ease of a cat.

Safe and appropriate yoga will help you move efficiently, protect yourself from injury, and liberate some of that youthful exuberance you’ve got stored up.


Gentle yoga for people over 50, beginners, and anyone who needs relief from pain.


pain relief, yoga for pain, pain reduction technique

Break free from pain.  Natural pain relief so you can live again.


posture project programs page clean

A series of videos with gentle stretches
and exercises you can do at your own level. 


online yoga for people over 50, yoga for beginners, stress reduction, meditation

Manage stress through yoga, meditation, and nourishing food.


gentle yoga for limited back mobility

Gentle Yoga for People with Limited Back Mobility


online yin yoga video

Yin & Yang combo.  Energizing yoga
and deeply calming yoga.


yoga for back pain

Yoga for the back.  Improve flexibility, reduce back pain, improve digestion.

What is Bountiful Yoga and How Can It Help You?

Yoga is your secret weapon for battling midlife aches, pains, and fatigue.

If you are new to yoga, meditation, and exercise, or have been sedentary, you will find gentle yoga and beginner’s programs here that are achievable and beneficial.

Easy-to-follow online yoga for people over 50 (or younger) who want to:

•  Go at your own pace and not get pushed beyond your limits.

•  Find gentle and safe exercises and stretches.

•  Do it in the comfort of your own home.

•  Set your own schedule.

•  Find relief from pain even if you are immobilized: The Release Method.


1.   Get stronger without hurting yourself or causing more pain.

2.   Improve balance and flexibility.

3.   Relieve stress and pain.

4.   Boost concentration and memory.

5.   Manage conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, bad back, tight shoulders, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, and others.

6.   Feel self-sufficient and take control of your health.

gentle yoga, online yoga for people over 50, yoga for beginners, exercises for back pain relief

What People Say

I have back and neck issues and was looking for a program that would compliment the treatments I was receiving. As a result of Jennifer’s workshop, I now realize how important breath control is to reducing pain and muscle tension. As the workshop progressed, I was more relaxed and was totally pain free for the rest of the day. I use many of the techniques Jennifer demonstrated daily and feel that my progress has been accelerated as a result of this posture workshop and this is allowing me to more fully participate in daily activities. - DW, West Kootenays
Your positive and open attitude creates a warm and accepting atmosphere at yoga classes. This means no matter what our level of ability or experience we feel welcome. - R.A., Cochrane, Alberta
I really like the spunky vibe you mesh into your practice. You make me smile-love the endorphins. - K.D., Water Valley, Alberta
I’ve been suffering with rotator cuff and psoas issues. Through Jennifer’s workshop I learned that I should keep the back of my neck elongated and my shoulders back while walking. I learned not to hold my breath and how to breath deeply while holding a pose. Mostly I’ve learned to listen to what my body is telling me. I always feel great after one of your classes. My body feels loose and flowy. - Susan, The Kootenays, BC
I only do Jennifer's videos because I love her way of she modifies for whatever issues a person may have. I feel relaxed and healthy when I do yoga at home with Jennifer. - Cathy Bogle, The Kootenays, BC
"The evidence is in. I went to the Dr. today to get some test results....I have reduced all the right things and increased the HDL. Nothing has changed for me - same food, etc. The only thing that is different is walking and yoga and my Dr. considers that to account for the difference in results. No pills for me!" - Robin E., Grand Forks, BC
I’m really enjoying Yin yoga video. Its just me and my body. I like the quiet time by myself. - Laurie Kambeitz, Grand Forks, BC
I'm recovering from a fractured ankle and although there is weight-bearing in the yoga poses it is deliberate and controlled. My a-ha moment was realizing that yoga does not need to be feared!! I left each class feeling energetic and stretched and looking forward to the next session. I definitely noticed a difference in each area we concentrated on. - Lori Peterson, B.C.
In Jennifer's Gentle Yoga I've had lots of ahahs: knowledge of my body, its parts, and the role they why stand up straight and how to align my knees. I felt mentally calm and happy to be so good to my body. - Verdell, B.C.