Body Repair Strategy Session

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Vibrant.  Strong.  Functional.

You’ve worked hard your whole life and now you want the freedom to dream, live, plan, create. 

You want to have fun.
You want to travel.

But aches and pains are keeping you on the couch.

Maybe you’ve tried exercises but they made your pain worse.  


I’m Jennifer Houghton and for over 2 decades I’ve been helping people just like you learn safe, effective movements that reduce pain.

In these sessions, I will work with you to find the best strategy and techniques for you so you can become more mobile, more functional, and experience less pain.

You want:

To move with freedom and ease.

To feel youthful, vibrant, and energized.

To be able to keep up with grandkids.

To be able to get back to the great outdoors.

240 dog walk 300 wide

Imagine getting through your day with less pain.

Imagine a future filled with freedom.

If you have any of these desires you are in the right place.

Are you committed to making your body the best it can be?

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– Do you fear that you’re aging more quickly than you should?

– Are you sick of having muscles and joints that feel worn out and tired?

– Are you tired of experiencing back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain despite your efforts at exercise, weight training, or yoga?

– Do you wonder how to modify and adapt exercise for your body so it doesn’t cause you pain?

– Does the gym feel like the absolute WRONG place for you to get advice because its filled with 20-somethings in spandex showing off their rubbery bodies?

I work with well-seasoned bodies. 

I know their needs. 

Book a Body Repair Strategy Session.

Put an end to pain, stiffness, and feeling stuck.

Get moving so you can have your best year ever!

Your Best Body:

Healthy, Vibrant, and Strong


After 20 years of helping people keep their bodies healthy, I’ve found that a strong, limber, and youthful body is achieved through appropriate movement, respecting your body’s signals, and self-love. Not by pushing through pain, forcing yourself into pretzel positions, militant techniques, or living up to someone else’s vision of what a healthy body looks like.

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, I’ve discovered that vibrant energy, healthy joints, and strong, flexible muscles are accomplished by listening to your body. Longevity is achieved by healthy, appropriate challenges to your unique structure, not by rough and damaging one-size-fits-all workouts that promise superficial results and the potential to look like a swimsuit model.

You are unique. You deserve unique insight.

Since we all have blind spots about our own bodies (both because we don’t look at our own movements and because there are psychological blocks), it can be immensely helpful for a knowledgeable observer to tell you what you can’t see.

I’m going to throw you a curve-ball…

Its not working harder that will make you feel better.  Its unlocking the secrets of using breath and mindfulness in exercise and movement that will reduce your pain.

To make the most of your movements and to prevent pain, the mind must be fully present in your exercise program. The breath is also a powerful component in fitness and it has been long ignored by trainers.

My guess is you’re starting to realize that what I’m offering is totally different from all the quick-fix or no-pain-no-gain approaches out there.

A holistic approach to acquiring a strong body.

What I do is different from what any other practitioners are doing.  I bring a variety of tools and techniques to help you find the sweet spot where you can function better.

I bring knowledge and experience from a broad background: fitness, yoga, pain reduction, personal training, dance, Pilates, meditation, and breathwork. My method is different from what a doctor, physiotherapist, personal trainer, or chiropractor will do.

I look at the big picture of how your posture, movement, tension patterns, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, lifestyle, coordination, and mindset all relate to each other. I take into consideration the relationship between your mind, your emotions, your body, and your breath, and how that affects your physical outcomes.

What I offer is unique, powerful, and something that people are in need of – and I want to bring my movement healing strategies to you.

From this synergized information, I’ll help you create an overall body health strategy that is tailored to your uniqueness.

Achieve more pleasurable days with less pain.

While I have space available, I am offering 65-minute One-on-One Body Repair Strategy Sessions with me for $97.

You are investing with me to be held accountable to what you deeply desire – your best body: healthy, vibrant, and strong.

During these sessions I am investing my full attention in you as well. You are getting my premium level of service.

Invest in a future filled with freedom.

Healing through movement.

Change your life with simple, easy to implement
adjustments to the way you move.

What’s included:

During your 65-minute Skype sessions you will receive a blend of techniques, strategies, and information that focuses on your unique needs and challenges, including some or all of the following:

  • Clear, specific recommendations and techniques to improve your posture and alignment.
  • Instruction on how to move your joints safely and skilfully.
  • Instruction on how to incorporate breathing and mindfulness into your movements and workouts.
  • Details on how to move better in your daily activities.
  • How to modify or adapt exercise programs and movement for your body.

You will also receive:

  • A write up of your unique Body Repair Strategy.
  • A recording of our Skype sessions for you to refer back to (our time together will be packed with instruction).
  • Because I want you to feel accountable and supported, you also get:
    • Email access so I can answer your questions after the sessions

*Your strategy, tactic, and categories are NOT the same as a weight lifting “routine” or a personal training session where, for example, you are told to do 12 bicep curls with 15 pounds, etc. Instead, it is an overall road map to provide you with the ability to determine what movement strategies to include in your life to reach your goals, be happy, and stay safe.

$145 for a single session


$290 for 3 Sessions (save over 30%)

One-On-One Coaching with Jennifer Houghton

Ready to get mobile and live the life you deserve in 2016? 

Yes! Jennifer, I want to learn to give my body the health, vibrance, and strength it deserves with some individualized attention.

Get the benefits of my two decades of teaching experience in strength training, Pilates, yoga, breath work, pain reduction, aerobics, and dance.

You’ve got to deal with an ache in your body but don’t know how. 

Wait ’til I show you the simple techniques that will help you move without pain.

I’ve watched hundreds of people through the years trying to workout in ways that are totally WRONG for them. Resulting in injuries, discouragement, lack of results, weight gain, and constant pain.

I’ve spent the past 20 years observing people’s movement, getting to know them, and giving guidance that is effective, safe, and easy to follow. I will give you the tools to create your own programs.

Its heartbreaking for me to watch people get discouraged because they are not creating success and their health spirals downward.

Discover how to feel better without even having to leave your living room.

I give people the tips, techniques and strategies I’ve developed over the years to help them create systems that align with their unique body, mind, and spirit; to stay motivated, keep their muscles strong, their hearts beating, and their joints happy.

I would love to work with you in a session and give you the foundation to not only build your Body Repair Strategy, but to create a lasting transformation in your life, so the pain and discouragement never ever creep back in again.

The goal is to create a partnership between your brain and body so your entire being functions at its highest level.

In classes people are constantly asking questions like:

How do I stretch to eliminate sciatica pain?

How can I strengthen my knees?

What can I do about my shoulders hurting when I lift weights?

How do I get back to working out after I’ve have had a hernia, metal rod, car accident, serious fall, broken ankle, surgery…..

How do I adapt and modify exercises for my body?

What trainers often fail to take into account is:

– alignment tips for safety and effectiveness
– viewing each body as unique
– clear specific instruction on how to strengthen and stretch areas that have been injured or are weak.

So you go into the gym and the trainer gives you a list of how many bicep curls, hack squats, and bench press to do, but you are left wondering if your technique is safe, or if its going to damage your knees, or what else to include in your life that complements your goals and where to go with it after a few weeks.  You don’t like being left to figure it out on your own.

I’ve even worked with people who’s previous trainer ignored them when they said the program was causing pain in their knees or shoulders.  So while I won’t be providing you with a list of how many reps and sets of each exercise to do, I can help you determine what exercises and modifications you need.

While you’re sitting there reading this, you begin to understand why you can’t waste anymore time being limited by pain and getting less than everything that life has to offer.

$145 for a single session


$290 for 3 Sessions (save over 30%)

One-On-One Coaching with Jennifer Houghton

Ready to get mobile and live the life you deserve in 2016? 

Yes! Jennifer, I want to learn to give my body the health, vibrance, and strength it deserves with some individualized attention.

In the 65-minute VIP Body Repair Strategy Session with me, you will:

–  Learn the keys to improving your posture and alignment so you feel less pain.

–  Understand how your mind, nervous system, and breath are crucial elements for pain-free joints and muscles.

– Learn how to free yourself from unnecessary aches and pains.

– Come away feeling like you’ve got practical and achievable steps for getting your body feeling stronger, more flexible, and making your days freer, easier, and less painful.

I work with people who have:

    back pain
    neck pain
    knee pain
    hip pain
    bad posture
    work related pain


Please note:  there are some conditions that are beyond my knowledge.  If that is the case, I will let you know either prior to our meeting (after you’ve filled out a questionnaire) or at the beginning of our meeting.  You will be refunded if I tell you at the beginning of our session that it is not within the scope of my knowledge to assist you.

Yes! Jennifer, I want to learn to how to live without pain.

$145 for a single session


$290 for 3 Sessions (save over 30%)