Gentle Yoga for People with Limited Back Mobility

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Gentle Yoga for People with Limited Back Mobility

This is a 45-minute Gentle Yoga video for people with limited mobility in their spines.

The practice will stretch and move the neck, shoulders, upper back, wrists, hips, and pelvis.  It will help improve mobility, circulation, flexibility, and balance.  It will increase energy levels and move lymph fluids.

•  The entire practice is done either standing or on a chair.
•  There is no getting up and down off the floor.
•  There are no kneeling poses.
•  There are no poses that require pressure on the wrists.

BONUS:  When you buy the Gentle Yoga video, you also get the 30-minute “Chair Yoga for Upper Body” yoga video.

This gentle practice is for anyone who wants to limber up their body without kneeling, lying on the floor, putting pressure on the wrists, or doing extreme neck or back bends.

Its for anyone over 50 (or younger) who wants to stay active, mobile, and independent.  It is suitable for people who haven’t done yoga classes for a while because they can’t get up and down off the floor or put pressure on their knees.

This gentle yoga video can help if you:

• have lower back pain, middle back pain, neck ache, shoulder pain
• have sciatica
• have fibromyalgia
• have limited mobility
• have osteoporosis & arthritis
• have tender knees
• feel achy in the morning
• have wear and tear

The bonus video “Chair Yoga for Upper Body” is a 30-minute practice that you can do on days when you want to relax your neck, upper back, and shoulders and give your legs a rest.

Video Details


Beginner to Advanced Beginner.  No previous yoga experience is required.


  yoga mat, chair, strap


  Yoga Flow &

Chair Yoga


Easy to follow.

Presented in plain language.

Modifications are shown.

Watch a video sample:

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These yoga videos were developed by certified yoga and fitness instructor, Jennifer Houghton, who has been teaching workshops and classes for two decades.

She has worked with hundreds of clients who experience back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and hip pain.  She has also taught yoga classes to people who have Multiple Sclerosis.  She emphasizes paying attention to your body and honoring its limits.

gentle yoga limited back mobility, seniors yoga, chair yoga, yoga for back pain