Original Rejuvenate, Restore, Revive

This is for you if you haven’t taken time for yourself for a while.

A road map to less stress and better health.

The more stressed-out, tired, and achy you are, the more you’ll realize that you need to build healthy habits and learn to put yourself first.

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You want good health.

You want energy.

You want peace.

You want your laser-sharp focus back.

You want to learn how to take care of you.



Investing in self-care results in more energy, a clearer & calmer mind, and a healthier future.

This is a course for you to build healthy habits for life.

YOU ARE SMART AND YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS:  your first responsibility is to take care of yourself…then you will have the energy to take care of others.

But let’s face it:  if you knew how to do it on your own, you would have already done it.

I’m here to teach you how to make YOU your top priority and not feel guilty about taking care of yourself.

My goal is for you to feel this way.  →


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I’m Jennifer Houghton and as a certified Yoga, Meditation, and Fitness Instructor with over two decades of experience helping women embrace wellness, I can show you how to banish burnout from your life.
I can show you how to take control of your healt
I can show you how to unlock your potential for incredible vitality.

The Rejuvenate, Restore, Revive program is the only one of its kind.  You will learn specialized methods for retraining your entire being – mind, body, and soul – to give yourself love daily and propel you towards remarkable well-being.

You can learn how to balance your many responsibilities with a regime of self-care so you can regain control of your health.

I’ve spent years developing, refining, and practicing these techniques while working with hundreds of women.   These practices have helped me experience fantastic health on all levels – mentally, physically, emotionally.

The Rejuvenate, Restore, Revive program will help you:

– banish overwhelm

– have the energy to tackle your to-do list

– help you break free from pushing yourself so hard

During our time together I’ll help you embrace total health and happiness starting now!

– What’s keeping you from putting yourself first?

– What’s keeping you from dedicating time and effort to your own well-being?

– Do you need support and encouragement?

– Are you uncertain about how to incorporate self-care into your life?

– Do you feel guilty about putting yourself first?

– Maybe you feel like you don’t deserve it. (By the end of this program you`ll be convinced that you DO!)

If you are just starting to take control of your health (mental, physical, and spiritual) you probably need guidance and encouragement…a solid plan of action to keep you on track building new habits.


–  Running a race and never taking time to slow down.

–  Fatigued, bone-weary, dead-tired.

–  You’ve got brain fog and an aching body.

–  You’ve got a long list of ailments.

–  You feel like you have no control over your health.

–  You feel like you’re getting old before your time.

–  You have nothing to give in your relationships.

–  You don’t know who you are anymore.


– Bounding out of bed with energy and motivation.

– Feeling vibrant enough to keep up with your kids and grandkids.

– Focused, clear, and sharp-minded again.

– Calm, serene, and grounded no matter what crazy stuff is happening.

– Feeling like you have a healthy future to look forward to.

– Put an end to having your relationships damaged by stress.

– Remember who you are.

In this one-of-a-kind program for women in their prime, you’ll experience:

heart for sales copy page month 1The Building Blocks of Healthy Habits

    • Introduce the concepts to your being
    • Learn a new paradigm of eating
    • Learn to connect with your body through breath and meditation
    • Begin to incorporate the practices into your life
    • Get a glimpse of limiting beliefs

heart for sales copy page month 2Going Deeper

    • The practices begin to infuse your being and your life
    • Incorporate the new paradigm of eating into your life more often
    • Go deeper with meditations – understanding your own emotion through meditation
    • More yoga and meditation every week
    • Clarity develops – learn to face limiting beliefs and begin to overcome them
    • You get better acquainted with your body and its needs

heart for sales copy page month 3Self-Love is tangible

    • New habits of mind and body are established and become easy
    • Eating to nourish the soul becomes the norm
    • You own your yoga and meditation practices
    • Limiting beliefs become irrelevant and replaced by a no-limits attitude
    • Transformation becomes tangible as focus, groundedness, and better health take hold

Life & Business Benefits of Becoming a Self-Love Superstar

Tangible Benefits

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    Clarity of Mind

    This can help with things like getting clear on a business plan, refining a niche, communicating a clear message, being specific on the money you want to make, and clarifying what you REALLY want (its not always what you think it is).

  • yoga


    On your own vision without getting distracted by the opinions of others or what anyone else is doing.

  • yoga

    Take Action

    Learn to acknowledge the fear but do it anyways! Get shit done like a champion.

  • yoga


    Invest in yourself to invest in your business.  Your success in business is tied to your well-being.  Without clarity, energy, motivation, or commitment, your business will fail.

Woo-Woo Benefits

  • yoga

    Letting Go

    Of what’s holding you back from doing what it takes to make your business and life a success. Whether you are procrastinating, or making excuses, or feeling fear, or trying to make things perfect, or holding onto old-untruthful stories about yourself, or getting stuck on judgements about others, you can discover what you need to let go of in order to fly.

  • yoga

    More to Give to Others

    By applying the love to yourself first, you will have more to give to others.

  • yoga

    Bring More Calm Energy into Your Life

    This will help you feel like you are not a powerless victim of the forces around you, whether they are other people, judgements, the economy, or your lack of technical know-how.

The bonus side effect of loving yourself: stellar body image.

Looking in the mirror and liking what you see.

In this life-changing ‘putting yourself first’ program designed to propel you towards a calm mind, a healthy body, and a nourished soul, you get:

✓  2 One-to-one coaching calls
✓  4 mind-blowing, paradigm shifting online classes guiding you towards happiness
✓  A visionary manual (PDF) to help you become a Goddess of Well-Being
✓  Guided meditations that make you into an Empress of Serenity
✓  Guidance for creating an eating plan that suits your unique constitution
✓  Online yoga video library – learn to give your body the care and attention it craves
✓  Email Access – support and questions answered by me
✓  A beautiful private Facebook group filled with caring peeps
✓  A program guide and manageable timetables to keep you on track


This unique breath work has the amazing power to help women feel stronger, healthier, and calmer.  So I’ve included it here:

✓ One-to-one Breath Work training that is miles ahead of anything else in the yoga world
✓ Breath Work Videos so you can continue experiencing the benefits of more energy, a calmer mind, and better health

Embrace self-care and get to know yourself all over again.

Investment:  $797

Do you want to waste anymore of your life feeling stressed-out?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?




3 PAYMENTS OF $297 (CDN dollars)

What are the costs involved with not taking care of yourself?

…the physical, mental, and emotional costs of stress and burnout…

jennifer houghton, self love, courage, entrepreneur, self confidence, women in business

The costs to your relationships with others?

jennifer houghton, self love, courage, entrepreneur, self confidence, women in business

The cost to your relationship with yourself?

jennifer houghton, self love, courage, entrepreneur, self confidence, women in business

The cost to your health?

jennifer houghton, self love, courage, entrepreneur, self confidence, women in business

The cost to your bank account?

The cost to your ability to enjoy life?

Is your state of stress stopping you from achieving
your ambitions in business, from living the lifestyle that
you want, and from spending quality time with loved ones?

Its okay.  You’ve been busy.  You have a lot of responsibility.  You’ve been doing your best.  You’ve given so much and helped others in magnificent ways.

Now its time to give to yourself.

When you give to yourself, you’ll have more to give others.  Its not selfish.

You can still be a loving, generous, caring person AND take care of yourself.  I’m here to guide and support you through this new experience and towards your best life ever.

Focus on you and make this your best year ever.

Investment:  $797

Invest in your own immense potential for joy and wellness.




3 PAYMENTS OF $297 (CDN dollars)

The wisdom of yoga and meditation shows us how to slow down, reconnect with ourselves, and take care of our health and well-being so we can become powerful, energized, and make clear decisions.

Developing a systematic approach to self-care can help you:

– achieve better results in business
– stay motivated
– stay committed
– concentrate better
create better quality results
– be more productive
– stay more present with clients
– cultivate creativity

All this leads to more abundance.

That’s why I’m so excited about sharing this program with you.

Are you ready to tap into your power and propel yourself forward?


This program is for women of all ages and all sizes.  That said, it can be most helpful to women who have reached a health crisis, or mental burnout, or have had enough of taking care of everyone but themselves and have been doing this for decades, I mean DECADES….this sometimes happens, oh, around 40-45…but there are always exceptions…some women start to feel the burnout earlier but can often keep on trucking for a few years before it gets to the point where they NEED TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT SELF-CARE OR ARE HEADING FOR DISASTER.

The level of the online yoga video practices is “Advanced Beginner”. So the physical yoga is appropriate for most able-bodied people who are not totally sedentary and who don’t have any serious physical limitations. Even people with no previous yoga experience can do these practices (with the exceptions listed in the previous sentence) as long as they are patient with themselves and honor the limitations of their bodies.

None. Anyone can do these meditations. “But I have a busy mind”, you exclaim. That means you are normal. You will not be expelled from meditation.

Yes. Even non-spiritual people can connect with their inner wisdom. All it takes is an open mind.

Approximately 4-6 hours per week. You can do more if you have time for more yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

In addition to the mental and emotional work, there are some physical yoga practices included in this program. Physical yoga is essential in many ways: keeps muscle and bone healthy, stretched, and strengthened; it helps with range of motion; it keeps fascia healthy; it keeps your breathing apparatus healthy; it helps us relax mentally and physically; it gives the body the attention it deserves; it unites mind, body, and spirit. In a one-hour public yoga class, people will experience these benefits. This program goes beyond that because it incorporates many yoga philosophies and concepts that are difficult to include in 1-hour yoga classes and even in full-day workshops. It takes the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga much deeper and gives methods for integrating yoga philosophy into our lives. I also incorporate concepts of mindfulness and LovingKindness into the physical practices to aid in the deepening of the effects. I have a specific style that blends techniques from other genres of fitness as well as emotional strengthening techniques and spiritual traditions.

In your Welcome Packet you will receive a Program Guide. There will be a weekly schedule with suggested practice routines but you will also be able to incorporate the practices into your life as they fit best

Other programs work on mindset only. Of course, mindset is highly important. Brain power is what keeps our businesses organized, our lives functioning, and enables us to communicate clearly. At the same time, our bodies are containers for feelings, intuition, energy, and motivation. Within our bodies exist our hearts and spirits and these are as essential in business as the intellect. What happens in the mind gets stored in the body and vice versa. It is essential that we build self-esteem within our nervous systems and our cells. This program is experiential as well as mental and ensures that self-love is embodied as well as intellectualized.

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By practicing self-care you can:

– De-stress.

– Banish burnout (there is another way of living).

– Save your physical health.

– Save your mental health.

– Gain a sense of control over your future.

– Have more to give to others.

– Be more inspired. 

– Live up to your full potential.

Through this program, you will also learn the tools for finding out how to overcome limiting beliefs and get what you really want in your business, your relationships, and your lifestyle.

My Story

It started when I was a teenager, watching my mother, who was raising my brother and I on her own, work really hard, not take care of herself, and end up feeling stressed out all the time. 

She never asked for help, she never stopped to give herself any love or appreciation, she didn’t take care of her.physical or emotional health. She pushed and pushed and pushed and never seemed to feel like she was doing enough.

My mother got breast cancer at age 51 and died at age 61. She never had a chance to retire and take it easy and do things she enjoyed.

It was hard to watch. I vowed not to live that way.

But a few years ago I ended up in burnout-ville…I was running a yoga studio AND working a part-time job. 

I never took breaks – I wore all the hats at the studio – did it all.  I was overwhelmed and stressed out all the time.  

It was starting to show in my relations with yoga students. I became grumpy and uninspired in my teachings.

It started to affect my body too,…even though I was teaching yoga, my feet and back ached all the time…I gained weight– it was from stress, tension, and feeling contracted all the time.

I felt like a fraud. 

I had sleepless nights and felt absolutely overloaded and unable to manage things. I had no energy for anybody and I became a hermit. Then I sank into a depression.

After a while I snapped out of it and realized I could tap into the ancient wisdom of yoga to build habits that keep me strong, vibrant, energized and able to get what I want in life.

I learned to prioritize my self-care.

Now nothing hijacks my self-care time.

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Here’s what I got and you can have it too:

– More joy.

– A work-life balance.

– I pay myself with goodies like pedicures, eco-friendly clothes, organic lotions and potions (the stuff that’s good for Mother Earth is always more expensive, ain’t it?), and lots of time off (for me walks in the woods with doggies).

– The ability to love others more fully and freely.

– The practice of self-love builds confidence. When I treat myself like I have value, it builds deep-seated, permanent confidence that keeps me strong when things go wrong.

– Better health…healthy food is part of my self-love program and as a result my digestion improved, (most) of my pimples went away, and I maintain a healthy weight.

– Energy to do the stuff I want without getting exhausted.

– Clarity, focus, and motivation in business.

– A renewal of my commitment to my work.

– I’m clear on the direction I want to go with my business.

– I feel healthier at 48 than I did at 38.  Whoot!

Jennifer made me feel super comfortable and open to sharing on a very deep level with!! That is a huge gift!! I was hoping to accomplish clarity on my goals and to take the right action steps that would get me there.

I wanted outside perspective and honesty instead of the potentially distorted reality I had in my own mind. Jennifer asked the right questions to help reveal what was truly going on. I got very clear on my goals and vision for what I wanted in my life.

I left the session feeling empowered and ready to make necessary changes in my life. I also got to see my underlying fears for not moving forward with my business. I had no idea I was so afraid and that these feelings had been something I’ve been carrying with me for most of my life.

I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking for balance, clarity and guidance in their life…..especially people who feel intimidated to get started. Jennifer is amazing at helping people take their first baby steps toward well-being not only around yoga and health, but also work and life related situations as well.

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I’ve learned to listen to what my body is telling me.

This 12-week course is a MUST-DO for any woman who wants to regain her energy, strength, focus, and control over her life.

Why is this program 12 weeks?

It takes practice to learn a new skill. If you’ve spent your entire life practicing how to not take care of yourself, you’ll need time to get used to prioritizing self-care.

If you want to become a self-love virtuoso you must practice it for an extended period of time. Its like learning the violin. A person can’t simply look at a music sheet, tell themselves they are a master, then go out and perform a concert.

Self-care is like any skill. You must practice.

It will take time to recognize the blocks to your success and then loosen them in your mind and body. You will discover blocks in your body that you were not even aware of.

When you practice with your body as well as your mind the effects go deeper and last longer. Skills that are infused into your cells last a lifetime. Just like riding a bike.

Let’s face it. The reality is that you’re not going to do yoga and meditation every day. You have a life. This is actually a good thing. In between the practices your being will have time to process and incorporate the beliefs. Its this between time that will make the effects deeper and more enduring. You get time to live it.

Embodied beliefs are lasting beliefs.

I will guide you through the process of becoming a master of self-love using practical tools and techniques. Over time you will make them your own and become your own teacher.

The Program Content

heart itself transp back dark small2 Coaching calls

You probably need support and encouragement. There are times when we are surrounded by people and situations that are not positive: family members who don’t understand; job situations that stress us out; times when our self-talk is negative and we want to pull ourselves out of the muck. Going it alone can be frustrating and you may find yourself adopting self-sabotaging behaviors, like committing for a week then giving up. So I’m here to give you that little bit of extra support and rah-rah, you go girl cheering as well as helping you move beyond anything you may be stuck on.

heart itself transp back dark small4 ONLINE CLASSES

1) Integrating Self-Love into Body, Mind, and Spirit

Learn the importance of embodying love. This program includes mindset changes but it also goes beyond a mental shift. It is an actual practice of giving your body love every day in tangible ways. Learn how self-love can be built into muscle memory and your nervous system. Actions are love.

2) Mindfulness Meditation Uncovers Your Truth

When we become proficient at mindfulness we are able to see things as they really are and we can then stop experiencing things as filtered through our own opinions or theories or through the perceptions of others. This can be a very freeing experience. Imagine: seeing yourself as you truly are. Not through the distorted and twisted fiction presented by culture or family or strangers. One of the key concepts of mindfulness is curiosity. When we apply curiosity to ourselves we can investigate the reality of the here and now instead of getting caught up in unhelpful stories.

3) The Sattvic Eating Code – Nourish Your Soul

This program offers a new paradigm of eating. It’s a philosophy, a system, a methodology. Not a diet in the modern sense of the word. It is a sustainable, enduring attitude that can be applied to our lives. The new paradigm recognizes that the other levels of our being are as critical to good health as the physical one. We let go of the notion that food and eating have anything to do with a laboratory. Sattva is a quality of lightness, clear-mindedness, vitality, that can be applied to food and the effects that food has on our minds, bodies, and souls.

4) Becoming Mindful of Emotions to Regain Your Power

This type of meditation can prove the most challenging but it can also be the most rewarding and help to conquer fear. If you have never learned a method for dealing with difficult emotion it will be a new experience for you. Yoga philosophies and mindfulness offer a skilful way to deal with emotions of all kinds. They offer a systematic way to explore emotions – a beginning, a middle, and an end. That way if something feels unbearable, you will always have a way to deal with it.


heart itself transp back dark smallThe Goddess Sutras – The Connecting Threads (pdf)

This is for those who want something different/better than the traditional, accepted, mainstream model for thinking about our bodies. This is a practice of listening to and responding to your body’s signals. The Goddess Sutras brings together methods for loving ourselves: The Self-Love Formula, details of The Sattvic Eating Code, self-care practices, strategies for dealing with negative emotion.

heart itself transp back dark smallGuided Meditations

Recorded meditations for you to follow include mindfulness of the breath, mindfulness of the body, mindfulness of emotion, and others. So you can get calm, relaxed, and focused as well as tune in and tap into your own wisdom.

heart itself transp back dark smallMembership to the Online Yoga Video Library

I am regularly adding yoga practices to the library. Some are one-hour some are shorter. Some are more challenging and some are more relaxing

heart itself transp back dark smallEmail Access

So you can ask me questions and check in whenever you need extra support.

heart itself transp back dark smallA Supportive Facebook Group

heart itself transp back dark smallWelcome Packet and Program Guide

The 12-week program comes with guidelines for you to work the components into your own schedule.


heart itself transp back dark small
A one-on-one breath work session via Skype.
To loosen stuff in the body that keeps you stuck
and tap into and strengthen the
root of your physical power.


heart itself transp back dark small
A Breathwork Video.
Advanced techniques for releasing stress,
getting unstuck,
and unleashing your power.



Rejuvenate, Restore, Revive:  make the next 3 months all about you.

Investment:  $797

Can you really afford to let your health suffer any longer?

As you think about what you really need in your life, you begin to realize that you only have one choice to make, that is to invest in yourself.




3 PAYMENTS OF $297 (CDN dollars)

How is this program different from other yoga practices?

Its not only about om-ing, or downward dog, or spandex.  The focus of these yoga and meditation practices is to help you to reset your being so that self-care becomes a habit. 

This program includes no-nonsense practical techniques and tools that go deep and last a lifetime.  It goes beyond what can happen in the average yoga class.

The practices and concepts yogis have used for centuries to attain peace, happiness, and freedom from judgement can cultivate self-love. With regular practice, you can learn to become (virtually, no one is perfect) free from self-judgement.

Mindsets and attitudes become stronger and more enduring when they are built into your nervous system through physical experiences.  So this program is a combination of mindset changes and taking care of your body in tangible ways.

Your power is in your physical being. You will be accessing and strengthening that power. This is the power that propels you forward and gets you what you want.


Let`s have a 15-minute chat to make sure we jibe.  Its free.  I’ll find out where you’re at.  You’ll find out if you can relate to me. 

jennifer houghton, yoga, self confidence, business, entrepreneur

You are ready for this if you want to:

  • Get serious about your own health.
  • Banish burnout.
  • Make self-care your top priority.
  • Become free from old stories and habits that limit your accomplishments.
  • Let go of stress and get what you really want in your business, your relationships, your lifestyle.
  • Do some self-exploration that may be challenging and uncomfortable at times.
  • Give your soul and your body more attention than they are used to.
  • Find ways to be patient with yourself and let change unfold at its own pace.

You are probably not ready for this if:

  • You’re looking for a program that will magically change you without you having to do any work.
  • You think that all change is easy and there are no uncomfortable moments.
  • You think deep transformation happens overnight.
  • You aren’t willing to take the time to care for yourself.
  • You want to helplessly watch as your health continues to decline.
  • You think that yoga is bunk
  • You think that yoga is a religion.
  • You aren’t willing to look deep into your own soul.

Rejuvenate, Restore, Revive

Investment:  $797

What will happen if you don`t put yourself first NOW?

Oh, darling, what will happen if you DO?




3 PAYMENTS OF $297 (CDN dollars)