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You don’t have to be stiff, achy, or stressed out for the rest of your life.

You can keep getting better with age.  

Are you feeling out of shape and burned out?  Wondering how to stay fit after 50?

We pride ourselves on taking care of the people we love – often at the expense of ourselves.

Most of us don’t know how to find the time to rest and relax.  Sometimes, we’ve forgotten how to have fun or even which flavor of ice cream we prefer. 

Sometimes when we haven’t taken time for ourselves we get aches, pains, and ill-health.

This online program will show you the easy way to make yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle into habits.
So you can feel calm, limber, energized, and healthy now and for years to come.

I’m Jennifer Houghton and as a certified yoga teacher, I specialize in yoga and meditation for people over 50. I’ve helped people just like you discover how to take time for yourself and get healthy.

Many people come to my classes at midlife feeling burned out.  They’ve spent a lifetime working, taking care of the kids, and running the house.  

They may be going to the gym but are still getting aches and pains and wondering how to stay fit after 50.

They’ve heard that yoga can help but they are nervous that the level is too advanced.

I want you to experience the health benefits of yoga and meditation:  less aches and pains, better mobility, and a sharp mind.

Studies show that regular yoga and meditation:

•  reduce stress and cortisol levels
•  increase strength
•  improve flexibility and balance
•  improve sleep
•  improve digestion
•  improve the lymph system and remove toxins
•  can help you achieve your perfect weight

I’ve created this gentle at-home program that makes it easy to start doing yoga even if you’ve never done it before.

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This is your road map to less stress, better health, and impeccable self-care.

Maybe you’ve:

•  had a lot of responsibility and haven’t had time to take care of yourself.
•  had a sudden health scare or a ‘wake-up-call’ that makes you want to dedicate more time towards your health.
•  been wanting to try yoga but you felt scared or intimidated that you wouldn’t be able to do the poses.

 What you’ll experience in this course:

♥  yoga that is gentle, appropriate, and do-able
♥  meditations that are practical and aimed at helping you learn to manage stress in real life
♥  a way of eating that suits your individual constitution and makes you happy as well as healthy.  Because feeling deprived sucks.
♥  online at-home practices that fit into your busy schedule


Taking care of yourself is not selfish.

You’ve been busy.  You have a lot of responsibility.  You’ve been doing your best.  You’ve given so much and helped others in magnificent ways.

Now its time to give to yourself.

When you give to yourself, you’ll have more to give others.  Its not selfish.

You can still be a loving, generous, caring person AND take care of yourself.  I’m here to guide and support you through this new experience and towards your best life ever.

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stay fit after 50, yoga for women over 50, meditation for women over 50, yoga for older adults

With these practices you can:

•  Banish burnout.
•  Be more relaxed around your family.
•  Feel calmer when crappy things happen (and they will keep happening but you will begin to feel less stressed about them).
•  Gain a sense of control over your future.
•  Have more to give to others.
•  Be more inspired.
•  Live up to your full potential.

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This program is designed for people over 50.  It will introduce you to yoga and meditation in a non-intimidating and gentle way. 

You can do the practices and build them into your life in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.  There is no pressure to keep up, no pressure to wear the latest spandex fashion, and no pressure to understand an ancient language.  

YOGA can help with issues that arise as we move into our fifties and beyond.  I regularly work with people who are dealing with:

•  arthritis
•  back pain
•  sore hips
•  menopause
•  osteoporosis
•  bad knees

MEDITATION has been proven to slow the effects of aging at a cellular level.  It helps with concentration, memory, and moods.

HEALTHY EATING HABITS slow the aging process, reduce inflammation, and help reduce back pain.

This life-changing ‘putting yourself first’ program is designed to propel you towards a calm mind, a healthy body, and a nourished soul.


This is an online program that gives you step-by-step guidance to learn yoga and meditation.

You can access the entire course immediately when you register!

The course is designed to be done in 12 weeks but you have lifetime access and can go at your own pace and do it anytime and from anywhere you can go online.

This course is a culmination of my 20+ years working with clients in yoga, fitness, and wellness.  I share the gentle methods that work best for people over 50 (the same practices I do to stay limber and pain-free).

Its self-care through yoga and meditation made simple.

✓ Three One-to-one sessions with me, Jennifer, via Skype
✓ Online yoga video library – a variety of practices to get you started and keep you going with yoga

✓ Four audio classes – the philosophies made simple
✓ A manual to help you stay on track
✓ Guided audio meditations
✓ Four Pain Reduction & Calming Breath Work Videos to reduce pain, calm the mind, and build core strength.
✓ Email Access to me– you will have support and be able to ask questions
✓ A program guide and timetables


✓ The yogic way to eat clean for better digestion and less inflammation.

Your one-stop online-program to learn yoga, meditation, and how to nourish yourself with healthy foods.


This 12-week course is a MUST-DO for anyone who wants to regain  energy, strength, and focus.

The length is set at 12 weeks to give you time to incorporate the practices into your life so they become a habit.  The timetable is flexible (no pun intended) so it will fit into your busy life.

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(3) One-to-one sessions on Skype

These are like private yoga lessons but better!  

Get all your questions answered, fine-tune the yoga to suit you, and address any specific aches and pains you have. Jennifer will share her best tools and techniques.

Get expert guidance, support, and encouragement.

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Membership to the Online Yoga Video Library

Get access to a variety of yoga practices – some are slower-paced and relaxing, some are faster paced, some are seated on a chair, some are done standing.  Practices are 30-60 minutes each.  

The instruction is easy to follow and understand!

Modifications are shown if you’ve got back, knee, wrist, or shoulder issues.

You can access the streaming videos to watch from any computer or mobile device anywhere you travel.  Just login, enter your password, and choose a practice.

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Guided Meditations

Become skilled in techniques for becoming calm, relaxed, and focused.  Discover how to tap into your own inner wisdom.

Follow step-by-step instructions for learning how to do mindfulness meditation.  You can start with a few minutes a few times a week and then build from there.

Listen to the guided meditations from your computer or download to your mobile device. 

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Online Audio Classes 

Easy steps towards wellness in mind, body, and spirit.


Integrating Self-Love into Body, Mind, and Spirit
Yoga, meditation, and healthy eating are forms of self-love.  Learn the value of embodying love through yoga, meditation, and other self-care practices.  Discover how self-love can be built into muscle memory and your nervous system.


Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
Follow step by step instructions for how to meditate.  You can start with a few minutes a day.  Mindfulness is a very freeing and calming experience.  Learn how to bring mindfulness skills into your daily life as a way of reducing stress.


How Mindfulness Helps with Emotion
Take your meditation practice even deeper.  Find out how to deal with emotions of all kinds in a skillful way through yoga philosophies and mindfulness.  You can learn to be chill no matter what is happening around you.

Listen to the classes from your computer or download to ipod or phone so you can listen anytime.

pain relief program


Deep breathing is the key to making your yoga practice super effective.

This is a unique breath work series that leads to a calmer mind, reduces pain, and builds core strength.  This is the complete pain relief program that is included in The Release Method.

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Ebook: The Goddess Sutras – The Connecting Threads (pdf)

Master a new way of thinking about your body –  a more accepting and loving way of viewing our bodies.  Yoga is a practice of listening to and responding to your body’s signals.

Sutra means ‘to bring together”.  The Goddess Sutras brings together methods for loving ourselves:

•  The Self-Love Formula – yogic ideas modernized and simplified
•  how to apply easy self-care practices every day
•  in-depth strategies for dealing with negative emotion

email access

Email Access

You can ask me questions and check in whenever you need extra support.

•  Not sure how to modify a pose for your bad knee?  Ask me.
•  Want some suggestions for healthy & tasty substitutes for pizza?  Ask me.
•  Wondering if you should do yoga when your shoulder hurts?  Ask me.


Welcome Packet and Program Guide

The suggested duration for the program is 12-weeks.  However, you can do it at your own pace.  You can dive right in or go slowly over a period of months. 

The guide gives suggestions for how to progress through the practices and how often to do them.

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More and more people are discovering the connection between digestion and back health.  Clean eating can lead to less inflammation and better digestion.

Its important that healthy eating is enjoyable and fun.  That’s why I’ve included “The Sattvic Eating Code”.  Its a yogic method of clean eating that nourishes us on all levels.  The method has been simplified and adapted for modern life to make it easy to follow.

This paradigm recognizes that food feeds our minds and spirits as well as our bodies.  Learn to take baby steps towards cleaner eating and feel better in mind, body, and soul.

Take some time for yourself and build healthy habits for life..

Investment: $597

Do you want to waste anymore of your life feeling stressed-out?

Click the button to be redirected to Paypal for secure payment.  Once your payment clears you will receive an email with login instructions for accessing all the content.  Jennifer will contact you within 24 hours to set up your first one-to-one Skype session.

Begin your journey to wellness today.  Click on the button and get started!




3 PAYMENTS OF $237 (CDN dollars)


The level of the online yoga video practices is “Advanced Beginner”. So the physical yoga is appropriate for most able-bodied people who are not totally sedentary and who don’t have any serious physical limitations. Even people with no previous yoga experience can do these practices (with the exceptions listed in the previous sentence) as long as they are patient with themselves and honor the limitations of their bodies.

None. Anyone can do these meditations. “But I have a busy mind”, you exclaim. That means you are normal. You will not be expelled from meditation.

Yes. Yoga and meditation allow room for any kind of spirituality or none.  Even non-spiritual people can connect with their inner wisdom. All it takes is an open mind.   You get to choose what your mind focuses on in the practices.  You will not be asked to change your beliefs.

Approximately 4-6 hours per week. You can do more if you have time for more yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

Physical yoga is essential in many ways: keeps muscle and bone healthy, stretched, and strengthened; it helps with range of motion; it keeps fascia healthy; it keeps your breathing apparatus healthy; it helps us relax mentally and physically; it gives the body the attention it deserves; it unites mind, body, and spirit. In a one-hour public yoga class, people will experience these benefits. This program goes beyond that because it incorporates many yoga philosophies and concepts that are difficult to include in 1-hour yoga classes and even in full-day workshops. It takes the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga much deeper and gives methods for integrating yoga philosophy into our lives. I also incorporate concepts of mindfulness and LovingKindness into the physical practices to aid in the deepening of the effects.

In your Welcome Packet you will receive a Program Guide. There will be a weekly schedule with suggested practice routines but you will also be able to incorporate the practices into your life as they fit best

Rejuvenate, Restore, Revive


Invest in yourself today.

Click the button to be redirected to Paypal for secure payment.  Once your payment clears you will receive an email with login instructions for accessing all the content.  Jennifer will contact you within 24 hours to set up your first one-to-one Skype session.

Begin your journey to wellness today.  Click on the button and get started!




3 PAYMENTS OF $237 (CDN dollars)