Self-Love Superstar

 Self-Love Superstar:

Unshakable Confidence to Empower Your Dream Business and a Big, Big Life

 For aspiring entrepreneurs and women in business who want to embrace confidence so they can have the abundance, freedom, and money they desire.

12 Weeks to Saturate Yourself with Self-Confidence

  • Do you want to create an authentic business that’s aligned with your truth but are afraid you’re not good enough?
  • Is self-doubt the nasty jerk that’s keeping your business from taking off?
  • Are you afraid to put yourself out there because you don’t feel deserving?
  • Do you doubt your ability to attract the clients you want?
  • Are you a confirmed introvert who doesn’t feel comfortable in the limelight?
  • Does a lack of confidence stop you from putting your face on your brand and becoming more visible in your business?
  • Do you feel like you have to be perfect before you can launch a business?


You don’t have to be perfect.  You can be confident NOW.


Unshakable self-confidence can help you to:

  • Trust your own judgement to make business decisions.
  • Believe that you are truly capable of helping others.
  • Ask for the prices and income that you really want.
  • Stop judging yourself and step into your power.
  • Put yourself out there to do the marketing that will bring in clients.
  • Create a unique and original business that will make a difference in peoples’ lives.
  • Take the next step in your career so you can have more money and freedom.

Are your life and business at a standstill because you are struggling with confidence?

You think your distinctive abilities can help people but you aren’t going for it because self-doubt keeps rearing its ugly head and beating you down.

Even thought you’d love to feel courageous, you believe its selfish to give yourself the love and attention it would take to boost your self-confidence.

There are times you feel unworthy and undeserving of the success and abundance you see others achieving.

You’ve never been shown how to incorporate tools and techniques into your life that manifest self-love and don’t know where to start so you procrastinate and stay stuck.

Your lack of self-confidence is stopping you from achieving your ambitions for a dreamboat business, a hefty income, and the peachy lifestyle you want.


This 12-week course is a MUST-DO for any woman who wants to succeed in the self-confidence game. When you succeed at self-confidence you can succeed at anything:  love, money, career, health.


I’ve tapped into the secrets of the ancient practices of yoga and meditation and discovered how we can use them to boost self-confidence so that we can gain clarity and make powerful changes in our lives, businesses, and relationships.

I wish I had taken a program like this long ago.  It would have saved me time and angst doubting myself and not living the life I wanted.   Devoting time and effort towards self-love turned my dreams into a reality, led to enduring transformation, and changed all areas of my life. 

That’s why I’m so excited about sharing this program with you.

By practicing self-love you can:

  • Stop fantasizing about the career and lifestyle what you want and make it a reality.
  • Transform from a woman who is filled with self-doubt to someone who has ROCK-SOLID SELF-CONFIDENCE.  All. the. time.
  • Never worry about what others think of your body or the way you look.
  • Become free from old stories that keep you small and limit your accomplishments.
  • Get clarity on your authentic message for the world.
  • Find out how to overcome limiting beliefs and get what you really want in your business, your relationships, your lifestyle.

Is your self-confidence long overdue?

Are you finally ready to kick self-doubt to the curb?


My Story

Do you work hard and give alot to others but still find yourself asking:

Where’s my stuff? Why am I depressed? Why do I hate my thighs? Why can I not find the partner of my dreams, the job of my dreams, why am I so stressed around my kids, why is money always so tight, why are my business plans so foggy, when will I feel pretty enough to have my business photos taken, why is my self-talk so nasty, why do I judge myself all the time…honestly wtf?

I hear you.

I was there too.

In theory, I was this super-evolved spiritual being, yet I felt awful.  I hated my body, ate crappy junk, let people run all over me, felt like a victim, felt powerless, felt like a ‘have-not’.

I felt undeserving of a good income and meekly accepted the peanuts I was getting paid as a yoga teacher.

I kept trying to patch together crappy, unfulfilling part-time jobs so that I could just teach yoga on the side instead of diving right in and creating my dream yoga business.

I waited years before launching an online business because I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough.  I made excuse after excuse, “I’ll wait until I lose weight.  I’ll take another training.  Now I’m in my forties so I’ll have to learn Photoshop to erase wrinkles.”  Yep.

I felt like I didn’t measure up and was afraid of what other yoga teachers would think of me: not wise enough or educated enough or experienced enough or famous enough.

Self-talk sounded like, “I don’t look like Kate Hudson in spandex – who’s gonna pay attention to me?”  “I’ve never been published in Yoga Journal, no one will take my methods seriously.”

I focused on external opinions and let them keep me down.

And yet, I knew that I had some mighty divine and wise stuff in my heart that would help women in ways that go beyond what happens in a 1-hour yoga class.  I was driven to share this wisdom but self-doubt was stopping me from doing it.

It all changed when I realized that I needed to focus on loving myself instead of letting self-doubt hijack my desires.

I tapped into the ancient wisdom of yoga to build epic, pigheaded self-confidence that enables me to get what I want in life.



240 dog walk 300 wide

Here’s what unshakable self-confidence got me:

  • A dream business that’s authentically me.
  • The spunk to charge higher fees.
  • I pay myself with goodies like pedicures, eco-friendly clothes, organic lotions and potions (the stuff that’s good for Mother Earth is always more expensive, ain’t it?), and lots of time off (for me walks in the woods with doggies).
  • I feel confident on camera.
  • I say what I want to say, the way I want to say it without needing to ask if anybody else likes it.
  • Stronger, deeper, sweeter relationships where I feel respected and supported.
  • I’m proud of my uniqueness:  my fuzzy hair, my round belly, my pale skin.
  • I include healthy food as part of my self-love program and as a result my digestion improved, (most) of my pimples went away, I maintain a healthy weight, and I have energy to do the stuff I want to without getting exhausted.
  • I’m not side-tracked by self-doubt and can focus on accomplishing goals.
  • I’m clear on the direction I want to go with my business.
  • I no longer look to others to tell me how to feel about myself.


I trust my own voice. 

The judgements of others no longer matter to me.

I am the divine empress of my life. 

I get what I want.




There are tangible benefits and there are woo-woo benefits….

The Tangible Benefits…

  • Clarity of mind – this can help with things like getting clear on a business plan, refining a niche, communicating a clear message, being specific on the money you want to make, and clarifying what you REALLY want (its not always what you think it is).
  • Focus – on your own vision for yourself without getting distracted by the opinions of others or what anyone else is doing.

Clarity and focus are a direct result of taking the time to eat healthy food AND taking time to relax and rejuvenate through yoga, breath work, meditation and other forms of self-care. 

Specific techniques and philosophies provide concrete guidance on how to avoid external distractions and bring your own inner guidance to the forefront of your decision-making process.

  • Letting Go –  of what’s holding you back from doing what it takes to make your business and life a success.  Whether you are procrastinating, or making excuses, or feeling fear, or trying to make things perfect, or holding onto old-untruthful stories about yourself, or getting stuck on judgements about others, you can discover what you need to let go of in order to fly.
  • More to Give to Others – by applying the love to yourself first, you will have more to give to others.
  • Bring More Calm Energy into Your Life – this will help you feel like you are not a powerless victim of the forces around you, whether they are other people, judgements, the economy, or your lack of technical know-how.

The Woo-woo Benefits (warm and fuzzy)…


  • Breaking free of other people’s expectations of what you should look like or how thin you should (or shouldn’t) be.
  • Using food to nourishing your soul instead of feeling terrorized about what you shouldn’t eat.
  • Acting like someone who loves herself even before you believe it.
  • Discovering that your negative opinions about yourself are actually a fabricated lie.
  • Putting yourself on the receiving end of the gorgeous love you generate.

The bonus side effect of loving yourself:  stellar body image.  Looking in the mirror and liking what you see.


Discover how to upgrade your self-confidence so you can:

  • Construct a business you LOVE and feel a spiritual connection with.
  • Positively know that you have the ability to help others.
  • Ask for the fees you really want.
  • Do what it takes to put yourself out there to bring in clients.
  • Get the money and freedom you want.



The only thing that’s holding you back is your attitude about yourself – not your belly, not your grey hair, not your short legs, not your crooked mouth, not your liking for cheese, not your lack of rhythm, not your big feet, your lack of a boyfriend, your intellect, your wrinkles, your age, or education level.  I know this because I’ve worked with hundreds of women that I want to throttle because they are so busy focusing on nonsense that they are blind to their own amazingness.



A career that feeds your soul, the courage to achieve your money goals, the audacity to show off your imperfect body, and the cheek to tell people how wonderful you are.

You don’t need to be fixed.  You can put yourself out there.  NOW!




Why is this program 12 weeks?

It takes practice to learn a new skill.  If you’ve spent you’re entire life practicing low self-confidence, you’ll need time to develop high self-confidence.

You want to master self-confidence, right?  Not just say a few affirmations and hope they make you a million bucks this year.  Post a few sticky notes on your mirror and voila, you are suddenly the BEST public speaker.  No.

If you want to become a self-love virtuoso you must practice it for an extended period of time.  Its like learning the violin.  A person can’t simply look at a music sheet, tell themselves they are a master, then go out and perform a concert.

Self-love is like any skill.  You must practice.

When you practice with your body as well as your mind the effects go deeper and last longer.  Skills that are infused into your cells last a lifetime.  Just like riding a bike.

Let’s face it.  The reality is that you’re not going to do yoga and meditation every day.  You have a life.  This is actually a good thing.  In between the practices your being will have time to process and incorporate the beliefs.  Its this between time that will make the effects deeper and more enduring. You get time to live it.

Embodied beliefs are lasting beliefs.

I will guide you through the process of mastering self-confidence using practical tools and techniques.  Over time you will make them your own and become your own guide.

heart for sales copy page month 1

The Building Blocks of Self-Confidence

    • Introduce the concepts to your being
    • Learn a new paradigm of eating
    • Learn to connect with your body through breath and meditation
    • Begin to incorporate the practices into your life
    • Get a glimpse of limiting beliefs




heart for sales copy page month 2Going Deeper

    • The practices begin to infuse your being and your life
    • Practice the new paradigm of eating more and more
    • Go deeper with meditations – understanding your own emotion through meditation
    • More yoga and meditation every week
    • Clarity develops – learn to face limiting beliefs and begin to overcome them



heart for sales copy page month 3

Self-Confidence takes hold

    • New habits of mind and body are established and become easy
    • Eating to nourish the soul becomes the norm
    • You own your yoga and meditation practices
    • Limiting beliefs become irrelevant and replaced by a no-limits attitude
    • Transformation becomes tangible



Here’s what’s included in this 12-week program:

How is this program different from other confidence-building programs?  Confidence becomes stronger and more enduring when it is built into your nervous system through physical experiences.  There are alot of great programs out there that work on mindset, which is an important aspect of confidence building, but they miss out on the value of giving the body love too.

The yoga part:  its not only about om-ing, or downward dog, or spandex.  Incorporating the right yoga and meditation concepts and practices into your life can turn you into a standing on rock circleself-love machine. It can make your self-love so strong, secure, and grounded that there is nothing that can stop you from loving yourself.  UNSHAKABLE!

This program includes no-nonsense tangible and practical transformational techniques and tools that go deep and last a lifetime.  It goes beyond your average yoga class.

The practices and concepts yogis have used for centuries to attain peace, happiness, and freedom from judgement can cultivate self-love. You can learn to become (virtually, no one is perfect) free from self-judgement which leads to a blossoming of all that self-confidence that’s bound up inside you.

Its rock-solid self-love that comes from your internal, eternal inner-self.

This is the true you who loves you.

The one who has been pushed down, ignored, suppressed.

Its time for her to shine.

What’s involved:

          • Finding new ways to perceive ourselves that discard judgement and replace it with curiosity, love, and compassion.
          • Taking a journey to discover things about yourself that have been ignored, suppressed, or forgotten.
          • Doing physical yoga to reintegrate mind, body, and spirit.
          • Doing meditations to calm your being.
          • Doing meditations to connect with your body and your emotions.
          • Practicing a new eating paradigm which emphasizes how food integrates into the whole.
          • Doing breath work to soothe your nervous system, strengthen your core, and help you tune into your body’s subtle messages.




2 One-on-One Transformational Coaching Sessions

You probably need support and encouragement. There are times when we are surrounded by people and situations that are not positive:  family members who don’t understand; job situations that stress us out; times when our self-talk is negative and we want to pull ourselves out of the muck. Going it alone can be frustrating and you may find yourself adopting self-sabotaging behaviors, like committing for a week then giving up.  So I’m here to give you that little bit of extra support and rah-rah, you go girl cheering as well as helping you move beyond anything you may be stuck on.

Online Classes

Integrating Self-Love to Build the Life You Want [Audio download]

Learn the importance of embodying love.   This program includes mindset changes but it also goes beyond a mental shift.  It is an actual practice of giving your body love every day in tangible ways.   Learn how confidence can be built into muscle memory and your nervous system. Actions are love.

How Mindfulness Meditation Uncovers Your Truth [Audio download]

When we become proficient at mindfulness we are able to see things as they really are and we can then stop experiencing things as filtered through our own opinions or theories or through the perceptions of others. This can be a very freeing experience.   Imagine: seeing yourself as you truly are. Not through the distorted and twisted fiction presented by culture or family or strangers.  One of the key concepts of mindfulness is curiosity. When we apply curiosity to ourselves we can investigate the reality of the here and now instead of getting caught up in unhelpful stories.

The Sattvic Eating Code – Nourish Your Soul [Audio download]

This program offers a new paradigm of eating.  It’s a philosophy, a system, a methodology. Not a diet in the modern sense of the word. It is a sustainable, enduring attitude that can be applied to our lives.  The new paradigm recognizes that the other levels of our being are as critical to good health as the physical one. We let go of the notion that food and eating have anything to do with a laboratory.   Sattva is a quality of lightness, clear-mindedness, vitality, that can be applied to food and the effects that food has on our minds, bodies, and souls.

Becoming Mindful of Emotions to Regain Your Power[Audio download]

This type of meditation can prove the most challenging but it can also be the most rewarding and lead to deep transformations. If you have never learned a method for dealing with difficult emotion it will be a new experience for you.  Yoga philosophies and mindfulness offer a skilful way to deal with emotions of all kinds. They offer a systematic way to explore emotions – a beginning, a middle, and an end. That way if something feels unbearable, you will always have a way to deal with it.

The Goddess Sutras – The Connecting Threads [PDF ebook]

This is for those who want something different/better than the traditional, accepted, mainstream model for thinking about our bodies. This is a practice of listening to and responding to your body’s signals.  The Goddess Sutras brings together methods for loving ourselves:  The Self-Love Formula, details of The Sattvic Eating Code, self-care practices, strategies for dealing with negative emotion.

Guided Meditations [Audio downloads]

Recorded meditations for you to follow include mindfulness of the breath, mindfulness of the body, mindfulness of emotion, and others.  So you can get calm, relaxed, and focused as well as tune in and tap into your own wisdom,

Email Access for questions

A Supportive Facebook Group

Membership to the Online Yoga Video Library

I am regularly adding yoga practices to the library.  Some are one-hour some are shorter.   Some are more challenging and some are more relaxing.

Welcome Packet and Program Guide

The 12-week program comes with a schedule for you to follow that can be easily incorporated into your life.


  1. A one-on-one breath work session via Skpye- loosen stuff in the body that keeps you stuck
  2. A Breathwork Video – advanced techniques for releasing stress


You are ready for this if you want to:

          • Stop fantasizing about the career and lifestyle what you want and make it a reality.
          • Transform from a woman who is filled with self-doubt to someone who has ROCK-SOLID SELF-CONFIDENCE.
          • Become free from old stories that keep you small and limit your accomplishments.
          • Let go of limiting beliefs and get what you really want in your business, your relationships, your lifestyle.
          • Do some self-exploration that may be challenging and uncomfortable at times.
          • Give your soul and your body more attention than they are used to.
          • Find ways to be patient with yourself and let change unfold at its own pace.

You are probably not ready for this if:

          • You’re looking for a program that will magically change you without you having to do any work.
          • You think that all change is easy and there are no uncomfortable moments.
          • You think deep transformation happens overnight.
          • You aren’t willing to take the time to care for yourself
          • You think that yoga is bunk
          • You think that yoga is a religion.
          • You aren’t willing to look deep into your own soul.


FAQ section
Who is this program for?
This program is for women of all ages and all sizes.

What yoga experience do I need?
The level of the online yoga video practices is “Advanced Beginner”. So the physical yoga is appropriate for most able-bodied people who are not totally sedentary and who don’t have any serious physical limitations. Even people with no previous yoga experience can do these practices (with the exceptions listed in the previous sentence) as long as they are patient with themselves and honor the limitations of their bodies.

What meditation experience do I need?
None. Anyone can do these meditations. “But I have a busy mind”, you exclaim. That means you are normal. You will not be expelled from meditation.

I am not spiritual, can I still do this practice?
Yes. Even non-spiritual people can connect with their inner wisdom. All it takes is an open mind.

What is the weekly time commitment for this program?
Approximately 4-6 hours per week. You can do more if you have time for more yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

How is this program different from taking a yoga class?
In addition to the mental and emotional work, there are some physical yoga practices included in this program. Physical yoga is essential in many ways: keeps muscle and bone healthy, stretched, and strengthened; it helps with range of motion; it keeps fascia healthy; it keeps your breathing apparatus healthy; it helps us relax mentally and physically; it gives the body the attention it deserves; it unites mind, body, and spirit. In a one-hour public yoga class, people will experience these benefits. This program goes beyond that because it incorporates many yoga philosophies and concepts that are difficult to include in 1-hour yoga classes and even in full-day workshops. It takes the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga much deeper and gives methods for integrating yoga philosophy into our lives. I also incorporate concepts of mindfulness and LovingKindness into the physical practices to aid in the deepening of the effects. I have a specific style that blends techniques from other genres of fitness as well as emotional strengthening techniques and spiritual traditions.

How do I know when to do the yoga and meditation practices?
In your Welcome Packet you will receive a Program Guide. There will be a weekly schedule with suggested practice routines but you will also be able to incorporate the practices into your life as they fit best




Self-Love Superstar will be launching the second week in July 2015.

Are you ready to skyrocket your confidence?



July Launch Promo

Investment $500 paid in full (Canadian dollars)

Payment Plan Option 3 monthly installments of $200

I spent years floundering and not getting what I wanted in life because I didn’t invest in myself.  Do you want to waste that much time?

Once I launch the program, spots will fill up quickly.

The program will be offered at this special price until July 31, 2015.  Then the price goes up to $1200.

Book a Discovery Session to find out how working with me will propel you towards unshakable confidence…..