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If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain, you’ve probably lost out on alot of things in life.

Get some relief from the pain so you can feel calmer, sleep better, have more to give to family and friends, get outside, and be enthusiastic about life again!

The Release Method is a natural at-home pain relief program for anyone who wants to reduce pain and live again.

Who Is The Release Method For?

The Release Method is for anyone who wants to reduce pain without relying solely on medication.  Its for anyone over 50 (or younger) who want to stay active, mobile, and independent.

Pain creeps up when we hit midlife and it doesn’t go away as quickly.  Maybe you suffer from wear and tear, your daily activities or exercise causes pain, or you feel achy in the morning.  It drags you down and it affects the people you live with.

The Release Method can help if you:

• are recovering from an injury or surgery
• have chronic pain
• have lower back pain, middle back pain, neck ache, shoulder pain
• have sciatica
• have fibromyalgia
• have limited mobility
• have osteoporosis & arthritis
• have a condition such as MS
• have a work or sports repetitive stress injury

If you are in a chair or a bed, you can do The Release Method.  It is also for people who experience chronic stress and headaches and want to learn to relax and feel calm.

What people say:

“I have back and neck issues and was looking for a program that would compliment the treatments I was receiving…I now realize how important breath control is to reducing pain and muscle tension. As the workshop progressed, I was more relaxed and was totally pain free for the rest of the day.” 

D.W., West Kootenays, British Columbia






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How The Release Method Works

The Release Method is a simple self-care practice that reduces pain.  It is a series of specially designed, easy-to-learn breathing techniques that anyone can do.

You can use the method in multiple ways:

•  on a daily basis to help you relax and stay calm
•  before bed to take the edge off pain and help you fall asleep
•  at times when pain is acute, such as after surgery or injury
•  to help strengthen the back – helpful for people who can’t do much exercise but want a stronger back.

The science behind The Release Method

Research shows that a program of slow, deep breathing can:

•  reduce pain
•  relieve stress and tension

•  reduce anxiety, anger, and depression
•  take the body out of stress mode and into relaxation mode which in turn:

○  stimulates the production of good hormones that block pain hormones
○  slows the heartbeat which has a beneficial effect on blood pressure
○  aids digestion

The Release Method strengthens the diaphragm.  Studies have found that people with weak diaphragm muscles are at greater risk for developing back pain and may develop neck and shoulder pain too.

Some people subconsciously hold their bodies in a state of tension and tightness.  This tightness compresses bones against tissues and causes friction and pain.  The Release Method helps us recognize and release the tension.

How Can The Release Method Help You?

The Release Method is easy to learn and offers results the first time you try it.  You can quickly learn to reduce pain without any outside help.

Instead of being controlled by pain, you are now in control of your life.

By reducing pain and tension you’ll:

•  be able to sleep more soundly
•  have more energy
•  concentrate better at work
•  be less crabby (your family will appreciate that)
•  gain freedom to garden, go for a walk, play with your grandson, or take that golf vacation
•  time and money on treatments 

The Release Method can be used in conjunction with other treatments and will not interfere with medications.  However, with less pain, you may be able to ease off pain medication (make sure you consult your health care practitioner when making this decision).

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“I learned not to hold my breath and how to breath deeply while holding a pose. Mostly I’ve learned to listen to what my body is telling me. I always feel great after one of your classes. My body feels loose and flowy.”  

Susan, The Kootenays, BC

Easy Steps to Pain Relief Using The Release Method

Simple to follow videos using plain language.

One: Breath Awareness

Our breath is closely connected with our mental state, our mood, and our physical health.   Awareness is the first step towards wellness and pain reduction.

Two: Relieve Tension

By learning to guide and direct your breath you can develop the ability to quickly release tense muscles.

Three: Four-Part Breath Work

A unique method you won’t find anywhere else.  Discover what’s stopping you from breathing as deeply as you should.  The bonuses:  build a stronger core, strengthen your back, and get energized!

Four: Sounding Breath

A fun practice that combines gentle movement, sound, and breath.  Release tension and stress with the breath and sound.

How much longer can you afford to let life pass you by?

The Release Method is an easy and affordable way of taking control of your life again.

Program Details

You can watch The Release Method videos online anytime from any computer or mobile device.  The Program Guide (PDF) has step-by-step instructions.

Click Purchase below and you’ll receive access to:

    • 4 easy-to-follow instructional videos
    • The Release Method Program Guide (PDF)
      • the scientific and practical how’s and why’s of the method
      • how to schedule the method into your life
      • ‘Cheat Sheets’ you can print out to do it on your own anytime you need pain relief

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the release method, pain relief

The Release Method was developed by certified yoga and fitness instructor, Jennifer Houghton, through decades of teaching workshops and classes.

She has worked with hundreds of clients who experience back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and hip pain. The technique also came about as a result of her work with people who have Multiple Sclerosis.  MS is an unpredictable condition that can cause varying degrees of pain.  Through her work in live classes, she has observed and tested the most effective techniques for reducing pain.

She used the method herself when she broke a rib and managed to fall asleep within minutes! (Click here for the story). Jennifer has brought together the best techniques from yoga, meditation, and science to create a complete program for at-home pain relief.

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