Your Love Note for Joining the Sublime Self-Love Challenge

I’m so happy that you’re gonna give yourself a little lovin’ for the next 6 days!


Within the next few minutes you should receive an email with a link to The Self-Love Formula (pdf) to get you started on your self-love journey this week.

Then everyday for the next 6 days you’ll receive something fresh in your inbox to stimulate your self-lovin’ activities for the day.


Did you know that yoga and meditation can help you build confidence in business? 

After the challenge is over you’ll continue to receive confidence building yoga and meditation tips and practices in your inbox.

Oh, and if you’re not already in my Facebook community… its a place for talented, caring, and courageous women (and a few select very cool guys) to hang out and support each other in their business endeavors.  I’ve called it a Clan cuz we’re all in this together.  So if you’re on Facebook as much as I am to run your biz I’d love for you to hang out with us there.

Thanks and more lovin’ to come!

 Much Love,

 Jennifer Houghton


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